Back in August of this year I was fortunate enough to photograph the fantastic wedding of Dave and Jemma Fortey at the Priory Hotel in Bury St Edmunds. I can honestly say that they are one of the nicest couples I have met and had a real sense of fun. This was seen throughout their day, from Dave and his groomsmen’s Terminator style sunglasses (he’s a big Arnie fan), to the card magician and chocolate fountain¬†¬† ( which were very popular with the kids, big and small ;). Here’s a selection of some of their best moments…

IMG_6731bw Bride getting ready at Best Western Priory IMG_6715 IMG_6998 IMG_6875 IMG_6699A IMG_6677 IMG_6668 IMG_6684 IMG_6690 IMG_6660 IMG_6649bw2 IMG_6635bw IMG_6776bw LZ0G7970bw IMG_6863bw IMG_9768 IMG_0464bw IMG_7995bw IMG_6576 IMG_6929bw IMG_6951bw IMG_7013 IMG_7016bw IMG_7901bw IMG_0332 IMG_7920 IMG_0449bw IMG_7987 IMG_8052 IMG_8007 IMG_7981 LZ0G8131 IMG_0705

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