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Peter Denness – Cambridge Wedding Photographer

My Style

People can describe my style of photography in different ways, and that’s part of the beauty of photography, you can see  and appreciate different things in the same photo.


If you asked me, I’d say that my style is a blend of capturing natural wedding photographs that tell the story of the day, mixed with really creative and artistic portraits of the bride and groom. I could say a lot more, but that’s my photography style in a nutshell.

To give you a better idea of what I do I’ve created three different galleries. Each shows a different element of the day and the types of images I create.

It’s also really useful to see a whole wedding. If you like what you see in the galleries get in touch and I’ll be happy to share some with you.

Wedding Photography Information Bride and Groom
Wedding Photography Information image - bride and groom on carousel

How I Work

Ireally enjoy the vibe and atmosphere of a wedding. I’m not one to lurk in the wings, I like to get involved, chat to guests and generally immerse myself in the day. I find this helps me to get close up, relaxed images of people being themselves. Images that tell the story like I was genuinely in the mix, and not just as a stranger looking in.

For 95% of your day I’ll be taking natural, informal photos of you and your guests. These are the images that everyone loves and the ones that really tell the story as it happened. Its really important to me that you feel happy and relaxed and I always adopt a fun, laid back approach.

The other part of what I do involves using a whole range of light sources and techniques to get the best, most creative wedding photos possible. The sort of artistic wedding photography that you’ll want to hang on your wall.  This can range from natural window light to multiple flashes. It means that whatever the weather or time of day I’ll be ready.

A few more thing to consider…..

I think it’s also important to mention a few other  things that set me apart.

  • I never place a limit on the amount of group shots you can have, I’ve done anything from 0 to 50. It’s your wedding and I’m there for you. I will advise on how long it may take, but its always your call.
  • If you’ve got a few ideas of your own that’s fine with me. Again, its your wedding and I’ll do my best for you.
  • I offer the option of all day coverage and by that I mean from bridal prep right up until midnight. I feel really strongly about this as so many of my favourite images have been taken in the last hour,  These tend to be the most natural, relaxed images of the day! Even my standard package comes with coverage up until 10 p.m, as night time is when a lot of my most creative wedding photography occurs.
  • Some photographers shoot exclusively with natural light. I love natural light, it’s beautiful and I use it whenever I can. However, I also love to use a whole range of other light sources to get the best, most creative wedding photos possible. If the tools are available to me I’ll use them. This also comes in handy when you shoot a tricky, dark venue in the middle of winter. If natural light’s not available a photographer who knows how to use lights correctly will really make a massive difference to the look, feel and quality of your photographs. And lets face it, you cant go back and do it all again….
  • I don’t think it’s fair to charge you for something you don’t want or need. With that in mind I offer 2 basic packages that can be upgraded with the extras that you actually want. For example, I’m happy and confident to shoot your wedding on my own, however, if you wanted a 2nd photographer I’ve got a small group of trusted professionals I can call on. See the full list of options here

Got Questions?

Here’s a few of the more commonly asked questions – If I’ve missed yours please get in touch.

How long is your coverage?

I believe in capturing the full story of your day so coverage begins with prep and ends at 10 p.m

Can you stay until the end?

Absolutely! I love shooting the dance floor action and some of my best images are from the last two hours. I offer coverage until midnight for an extra £150.

Do I have to have loads of posed group shots?

No way! Its your wedding and we do it your way. I’ll ask for a list of the ones you want and reorder it to make sure it all runs as smoothly as possible.

Is there a limit on the number of groups shots?

I’ll advise if I think it will be hard to fit them all in, but its always your decision.

Can I request certain shots?

Of course, I’ll do my thing but if there’s certain shots you want then just let me know.

Are you insured?

100% fully insured

What happens if you are ill on the day?

It would have to be very serious but I have a network of other photographers that I can call on and trust.

How long will my photos take to deliver?

6-8 weeks

I'm getting married abroad, do you shoot destination weddings?

Absolutely, I’ve shot several and would love to give you a quote.

Can we meet you first?

Definitely, always helps to build a rapport and a great reason to grab a coffee!

let’s talk

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