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So thanks for checking out my site and wedding photography. Hopefully you liked the images you saw and the combination of natural and creative styles is what you’re looking for. This page is where I tell you a little bit about myself and how I came to be a wedding photographer in Cambridge.

Like a lot of people photography started out as a hobby for me and progressed through a combination of luck and perseverance. From photographing wildlife in my spare time I managed to win several international competitions, including Digital Photographer Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2011 and The SWPP Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2012. This led to being published in The Sunday Times and Countryfile Magazine, as well as being interviewed by Amatuer Photographer.

I was still working a regular 9-5 when a colleague asked me to photograph his wedding back in 2012. I did this without much of a clue as to what it would involve, but I survived and realised that I actually really enjoyed it. Being a naturally sociable and outgoing person the buzz and atmosphere at a wedding really suits me, I can actually say that I love my job!

Nowadays I’m a family man with three young children, and an amazing wife who supports me even when I work every weekend of the Summer. Being a Cambridge wedding photographer is great as I’m from this area  and sometimes run in to friends at weddings. And if I don’t I’ll often make some new ones.

People tell me that I’m always smiling, and I guess I do a lot. I’m a very relaxed and laid back person and that definitely reflects in my approach to weddings. I’m confident and happy to guide and advise you regards your photography, but I always tell couples that if you don’t feel comfortable with something just tell me straight away. The best photos start with my idea and end with yours.That’s where the real moments and emotions are captured. Having that kind of trust and rapport is so important.

On the day I’ll treat you like friends, always do my best for you and I can guarantee that we’ll have a laugh. Wedding photography can be anything from epic and breathtaking to natural and subtle, but it should always be a fun and enjoyable part of your day. So if you’re interested just drop me a message here and we can get the ball rolling.


About Peter Denness - Wedding Photographer
About Peter Denness - Wedding Photographer
About Peter Denness - Wedding Photographer

About Peter Denness – Cambridge Wedding Photographer

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