Bride and Groom walking hand in hand at a Norfolk Wedding VenueNorfolk Wedding Photographer Peter Denness

Are you getting married in Norfolk? Are you looking for a Norfolk wedding photographer? Well this is a great place to start! I’ve been photographing weddings in Norfolk for over 6 years and it’s a place thats very close to my heart. Below you can find a selection of my favourite images that I’ve shot in Norfolk and throughout the UK.

Am I the right photographer for you?

This is of course the most important question, but what do you need to know? Here’s a few points to consider…

Style of Photography

With all the different ways that photographers describe themselves, it’s easy to get confused. Reportage photographer, journalistic photographer, traditional photographer, , editorial photographer, natural light photographer, alternative photographer… the list goes on. One thing that people always say to me is “we want natural photo’s, people just being themselves”. I couldn’t agree with this more, and for 95% of the day it’s what I do. Any decent photographer will do the same. Wedding photography is all about moments. How you choose to capture those moments is what defines your style.

My Style?

This is perhaps a case of a picture being worth a thousand words. However, that doesn’t always tell the whole story. My style of photography is mainly based on capturing natural images in interesting ways. By that I mean looking for different angles and perspectives to make a shot more intriguing.  The other 5% of what I do is to conjure up creative, artistic style shots, think something a bit different from the normal, definitely the type of shot your uncle Bob wont take… As I said, a picture is worth a thousand words, so have a look below and see what I mean..

Length of Coverage

A simple question. How long will your wedding photographer stay? The average Norfolk wedding photographer will stay until just after the first dance, lets say 8-9 pm. Personally I think that’s a shame. Those natural shots of people being themselves that I mentioned earlier? Well, for me the last  few hours of the day is when everyone really lets their hair down and relaxes in front of the camera. One of the things I promise is that I’ll be there right until the last hour, and 99 times out of 100 I’ll be there until the very end. I’ve seen dance offs, brides and grooms being hoisted on to shoulders, the infamous “Wedding Worm” ( think break dancing!) , congas, pole dancing bridesmaids, a Baywatch strip off and much much more!

So if you want pictures of you and your guests tearing up the dance floor until the midnight hour, I’m your man! As I like to say, “go hard or go home…”

So, What are YOU like?

Good question. I mean, your photographer is going to be spending pretty much the whole day with you, right? So it’s probably a good idea that you gel.

I’m definitely a laid back, smiley type of guy, and I try to carry that across on the wedding day. It’s really important to me that if you’re not happy with something I do, you feel that you can tell me.

My overall approach is best summed up by some of the couples whose weddings I’ve shot. With that in mind here’re a couple of recent reviews from my Facebook Page.

Cameron and Charlie – The Kentford

We haven’t got enough words to describe how amazingly our wedding was documented. I spend every spare moment scrolling through the beautiful photos Pete has taken.
He made us feel comfortable posing (which we are terrible at!), he made sure we had time to ourselves during the day and also managed to photograph the crazy moments on the dance floor.
We chose to have the second photographer option which we are really pleased with as we have photos of both the boys and girls getting ready. He stayed all day and night so we really have some special photos of the entire day.
We have been recommending him to everyone who gets engaged – I can’t speak highly enough of him.

Thank you Pete!!

Bronwen and Matt – Chippenham Park

My husband and I took an interest in Pete being our wedding photographer as we felt he had a real eye for photography when looking through his portfolio. We saw his work and instantly knew he was extremely talented. When we went to meet him we both knew he was the photographer we wanted!

On our wedding day Pete was just amazing! He made us feel so at ease and made sure that he caught every moment. I had to email Pete before we went on our honeymoon to say a huge thanks. Part of my email read ‘I just want to say WOW!!! Thanks so much for being everything and more we could have hoped for on our wedding day. We haven’t seen the photos yet but I have had so many amazing comments from our guests about how fantastic you were. People actually came and asked us if you were our friend that happened to be a photographer as they felt like you were part of the guest list…. as did we!

We honestly could not have chosen a better photographer to be a part of our special day. You were not just a photographer you also became an advisor, the go to guy and a friend! I just can not express how happy we are that you were there and what a great job you did.

All our guests noticed how talented Pete is and I had many comments from guests saying what a good job he did.

Thank you Pete for your fantastic work on our wedding day! I will definitely be recommending you to everyone!


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The stars are out... - at Chippenham Park

Norfolk Wedding Photographer-29 Norfolk Wedding Photographer-28

A little bit of Christmas magic!

Norfolk Wedding Photographer-26 Norfolk Wedding Photographer-25 Norfolk Wedding Photographer-24 Norfolk Wedding Photographer-23 Norfolk Wedding Photographer-22 Norfolk Wedding Photographer-21 Norfolk Wedding Photographer-20 Norfolk Wedding Photographer-19 Norfolk Wedding Photographer-18 Norfolk Wedding Photographer-17 Norfolk Wedding Photographer-16 Norfolk Wedding Photographer-15 Norfolk Wedding Photographer-14 Norfolk Wedding Photographer-13 Norfolk Wedding Photographer-11 Norfolk Wedding Photographer-10 Norfolk Wedding Photographer-9 Norfolk Wedding Photographer-8

A stunning portriat of the bride and groom captured at sunset. Such a beautiful, creative couple!

Norfolk Wedding Photographer-6 Norfolk Wedding Photographer-5 Norfolk Wedding Photographer-4 Norfolk Wedding Photographer-3





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