My first wedding this year  took place at the China Boulevard restaurant in Wandsworth and was anything but conventional. I was lucky enough to photograph a wedding that blended two Asian cultures, Chinese and Bangladeshi, and the results were stunning. As a photographer I love to capture the bride looking beautiful in her wedding dress. This was easy, not only because Jenni looked amazing, but also because she wore 5 dresses on the day! Yes, that’s 5!, not to mention 5 different hairstyles (by the talented Kasia Fortuna)  and make up! Chinese tradition states that the more dresses you wear on your wedding day, the luckier you will be and I think Jenni definitely earned her share, well done Mrs Jabbar!

So a big thanks to Jenni and Alal for giving me the unique opportunity to cover their wonderful wedding. Thanks to their friends and family for being so kind and welcoming, to Eric the manager of China Boulevard for his help with planning and thanks to Yoshi for sitting still for 2 seconds….

I must also thank my friend and 2nd shooter on the day, Nilu Zargham, who took some amazing shots, several of which you will see below.

So I guess that’s enough talking, and time for some pics. I’ve posted quite a few, maybe too many, but it was a beautiful day, so why not?

Jabbar-Blog-1 Jabbar-Blog-2 Jabbar-Blog-3 Jabbar-Blog-6 Jabbar-Blog-7 Jabbar-Blog-10

Oh, and I forgot to mention the London Route Master  red bus that took us to the venue, a lovely touch!

Jabbar-Blog-11 Jabbar-Blog-111 Jabbar-Blog-9 Jabbar-Blog-15 Jabbar-Blog-14 Jabbar-Blog-12

For the ceremony Jenni wore a traditional white dress, her 2nd of the day. I think the reaction of the best man and usher, below, says it all…

Jabbar-Blog-17 Jabbar-Blog-21 Jabbar-Blog-20 Jabbar-Blog-18 Jabbar-Blog-25 Jabbar-Blog-19Jabbar-Blog-23 Jabbar-Blog-22 Jabbar-Blog-24


After the ceremony a 3rd change commenced, and the bride and groom brought a touch of Bollywood glamour to Wandsworth Town


Jabbar-Blog-26 Jabbar-Blog-29 Jabbar-Blog-28 Jabbar-Blog-30 Jabbar-Blog-27

And finally the couple partied the night away in elegant and stylish attire, looking every inch the perfect match. A wonderful and unique day, I wish them all the best.

Jabbar-Blog-31 Jabbar-Blog-33 Jabbar-Blog-32 Jabbar-Blog-34

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