A Massive Congratulations!

After ten long days my Win Your Wedding Photography Competition has come to an end. I am absolutely delighted to announce that the winners are Jason and Becky, who are set to tie the knot in Essex on 7th October 2018. I really want to thank them and everyone else who has entered. The response has been absolutely overwhelming!! I still have some dates left for 2018, and 2019 is filling up fast, so if you’d like to book me as your photographer head straight to my contact page and get in touch. Also, feel free to look around my site and find out a bit more about what I can offer.

A Few Words from the Winners

I contacted Becky last night and asked her a few questions, here’s what she had to say…

How did you and Jason first meet?

We first met on 14th May 2011… it was a typical night out in our local town at first; unsuspecting ladies on a girl’s night in one part of the club, and my future husband-to-be in the other. Throw in a few drinks, an unlikely encounter with the bride-to-be’s sister (unbeknownst to us all until the next day), and a 3 am kiss… and the rest is history (as they say).

And how did he propose?

After 6 (looooong) years of waiting, Jason finally plucked up the courage to propose to me on my 30th birthday. We were at Disney World’s Magic Kingdom in Florida, standing in front of the princess castle waiting for the evenings firework display. As the story began, the theme being “Happily Ever After”, Jason got down on one knee in front of the largest crowd of people (including my sister, best friend and her husband), and asked me the words I’d been waiting to hear for what felt like a lifetime. As I said, “YES!”, the fireworks exploded into colour behind us. It could not have been any more magical.

What does winning this prize mean to you?

As we plan our 2018 wedding (oh my God, we’re getting MARRIED?!?!), we have been absolutely blown away by the news that we’ve won the prize for Peter to come and shoot our wedding. What an incredibly humbling honour. Peter’s images are not only spectacularly breathtaking, they are beautiful, awe-inspiring, romantic and truly magical. The very essence of the wedding proposal itself, and everything we hope our wedding to be. Words can not describe how grateful we are to have been lucky enough to win this prize, and how excited we are to have Peter with us capturing what will hopefully be the best day of our lives so far!

Once again, thanks to everyone who has supported my Win Your Wedding Photography Competition. Hopefully I’ll work with some of you, but I really do wish all of you a perfect wedding day.

All the best,


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